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Why Study Abroad

You will have the ability to communicate fluently in a foreign language.
You will learn about different cultures, find the social environment to make friends from all over the world and build lasting relationships for life.
Your will gain self-confidence. In a new environment you will make your decisions alone and live the moment to the full. This will enable you to get to know yourselves and to gain confidence.
You will create a great CV that will make a difference for your career. Studying abroad will make the difference for your potential employers.
You will be embarked on an adventure that will broaden your vision. In this way, you will gain a different perspective on events and situations than others.
You will have the opportunity to work abroad in countries with high economic prosperity. Many students started to work in international companies in the country of their study and had the chance to continue their careers there.
You will have an international network. You will spend time with people from many countries of the world with the same purpose and you will have unforgettable memories.
You will have high level of academic knowledge and have a diploma from international universities. When you return to your country, you will impress your potential employers with your foreign language skills during the job interview.

Why Univerna

UNIVERNA is a global provider of international educational support services. Students who want to study abroad can find educational program offers, directly submit their applications through us, order additional services such as accommodation, travel and insurance, as well as follow-up their application process online.
UNIVERNA supports students to navigate effectively through the mass of available information and select their country, institution and program of study. After starting the application process UNIVERNA’s expert team guides the students in order to maximize their chances to get accepted. They track the status of their application, documentation and receive notifications about important steps and deadlines.
UNIVERNA unlike most consulting firms offers a much lower advisory fee. Most of the services are free of charge and are performed at a high professional level.
UNIVERNA is an international education consultancy company with a coordinator at all universities it cooperates with. Team members are mostly experienced academicians with professional background.
UNIVERNA beyond providing consultancy services to students also organizes educational fairs and seminars with the participation of partner institutions in different countries creating a platform for partner institutions and and students to communicate face-to-face.
UNIVERNA is an award-winning and internationally accredited company with ICEF agency certificate, the most recognised certification in the international higher education sector.

How ?

The UNIVERNA website offers you all services you will need during your application and enrolment process from one hand. You can easily apply for your study program, get VISA support (if you need one), book your accommodation and flight ticket.
On the UNIVERNA website you find all required information about our partner institutions and their programs. You can easily search and compare international study programs of your interest. As a first step you should register with UNIVERNA and confirm your identity by clicking on the confirmation email you will receive.
The second step is to compare and choose the study program(s) you want to apply for. By clicking apply and paying UNIVERNA’s application advisory fee you open your application process and will be able to communicate with UNIVERNA expert team on every issue related to your application. You will see a list of all required documents and upload them to UNIVERNA web site. Our expert team will check them and guide you through the process. Your program choice is not final at this stage. You may decide to change it, or our experts may advice you to apply for another program in order to maximise your chances to get accepted. Once your application documents are complete UNIVERNA will forward it to the partner institution and will inform you on the progress of your applications and the next step.
If You need Visa support just mark it during your application, UNIVERNA will help you with completing your visa application. Once you receive your acceptance your VISA application support service will be activated.
Once you have your acceptance you will need accommodation and flight tickets that you can easily book on UNIVERNA web site.
On UNIVERNA you can find a lot of useful information about studying in different countries and attractive location for students. Subscribe to our newsletter, check our news page regularly and follow us on social media.