Management And Information Technology

USA / New York

  • Level : Undergraduate
  • Institution : St. Francis College
  • Deadline for application : 04 Jan 2022
  • Registration Fee : USD200
  • Tuition Fee : USD13,594 / Per Semester
  • Duration : 3 Years
  • Language Requirements : International Certificate in English at B2 level


Take Charge with a Degree in Management from St. Francis College 

Be part of a team or lead the team, you'll learn the tools you need for success in the business world at St. Francis College. Gain the tools you need to succeed in a company or start your own. 

With a new Minor in Entrepreneurship and concentrations in areas including: 

- E-Commerce 

- Finance 

- General Business 

- International Business, or Marketing 

- Minors in Information Technology, Interactive Multimedia, Project Management, Entrepreneurship or Sports Management 

You decide which direction your Management degree will take you. 

St. Francis College’s students take on individual and group projects tackling real world business situations, while experts from the public and private sector continually come to campus to share their thoughts and help establish a solid network for your future career. 

As a Management major, you will explore current techniques for the management and operation of small and large business organizations, international companies, government agencies, and non-profit institutions. You will develop the ability to interpret business data and create effective solutions to business problems using computer applications and quantitative techniques. 

Information Technology majors learn about computing systems design, programming, databases, operating systems, project management, security, computer forensics, web design, multimedia, decision support systems and network administration. 

Many of St. Francis College’s students have had internships at major organizations such as: 

- Microsoft 

- MTV 

- Citigroup 

- Pfizer 

- IBM   

- JPMorgan Chase 

- Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce 

- Brooklyn Navy Yard 

- PWC 


St. Francis College’s graduates have gone on to become applications software developers, multimedia specialists, web designers and developers, financial analysts, network engineers, bankers, business analysts, corporate leaders and much more. 

Also St. Francis College’s students continue their graduate education at institutions like NYU and Columbia University. 

The Management and Information Technology Department offers two majors – Management and Information Technology and a graduate certificate program in Project Management. The Department’s mission is to have its graduates successfully enter the business and IT world and to be prepared to advance in their chosen careers. The Department recognizes that the two disciplines are linked and therefore provides opportunities for each major to discover the synergies that can derived from each major’s curriculum. 

To compete in the global economy, Management majors must understand basic management concepts and be able to think critically, write clearly, speak effectively and analyze logically. As a result, the Management and Information Technology Department’s mission is to prepare students to participate in the global economy by complementing the core foundation in the liberal arts achieved by all St. Francis College graduates with a solid foundation in the core elements of management – accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, project management, information systems, operations research management and risk management – and then allowing them to specialize in a discipline of their choice. 

Management Goals & Objectives 


- Provide students with a strong foundation in the core areas of business – marketing, finance, human resources, operations research management, information technology and project management - that will prepare them for a career in an ever-changing global business environment and/or the pursuit of a graduate education. 

- Develop students’ managerial, relationship management and leadership skills through collaborative work. 

- Provide students with an appreciation of the importance information technology has on an organization and how business applies and adapts to new technologies. 

- Prepare students to be responsible professionals who are aware of the ethical, legal and societal issues in which business operates. 



Students majoring in management: 

- Will be able to analyze business situations and demonstrate a working knowledge of business planning processes, concepts, methods, and strategies. 

- Will know how to apply basic business concepts in finance, human resources management, IT, marketing, operations and project management to solve business problems. 

- Will understand the basic concepts of finance and be able to apply them to financial planning situations. 

- Will be able to articulate how to manage human resources in a global and diverse business world. 

- Will be able to identify, illustrate and apply core marketing terms, concepts and processes and explain how marketing creates value for customers and companies. 

- Will be able to analyze, evaluate and classify information from a variety of sources to determine its relevance to understanding significant opportunities and challenges. 

- Will be able to collect, organize, and draw inferences from various types of data and interpret results to support effective managerial decision making. 

- Will be able to demonstrate the use of IT as an aide for decision-making in modern organizations. 

- Will be able to explain how the financial, IT, human resources, marketing, operations and project management functions in a company are integrated. 

- Will be able to formulate alternatives and select a solution when making a business decision. 

- Will be able to prepare a strategic plan. 

- Will be able to integrate ethical thinking into all aspects of business decision making. 

- Will be able to work effectively in groups and demonstrate leadership skills. 

- Will be able to present their ideas, decisions and/or conclusions on business issues in a clear manner. 

IT Goals & Objectives 


- Provide students with the foundational theoretical knowledge, and integrated IT and business skills necessary for a successful career and graduate-level work in an ever-changing, global environment 

- Provide students with the knowledge, skills, and understanding of design, analysis, and implementation aspects of computer systems, and computer communications and networking 

- Prepare students to design, implement, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet user requirements 

- Prepare students to evaluate current and emerging technologies and understand the impact that information technology has on organizations 

- Provide students with opportunities to work in teams in order to develop managerial and leadership skills Prepare students to be responsible IT professionals who are aware of ethical, legal and societal issues 


Upon completion of the IT program, students will be able to: 

 - Discuss the significance and impact of information technology in personal, organizational, and societal contexts 

- Demonstrate the foundational knowledge and skills which will enable students to enter and advance in the IT profession and graduate-level work 

- Demonstrate an understanding of, and critically evaluate the appropriate use of, the methodologies and techniques associated with traditional System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), the Agile Development Life Cycle (ADLC), Rapid - Application Development (RAD), and Joint Application Development (JAD) 

- Analyze how companies strategically use and integrate technology into their business to gain competitive advantage 

- Work effectively in teams 

- St. Francis College Programs of Study 95 

- Apply analytical and problem solving methodologies to quantitative and qualitative problems 

- Demonstrate the elements of programming, logical and physical design principles, and data modeling techniques 

- Examine professional ethics in light of legal, organizational and societal responsibilities 

- Communicate effectively with a range of audiences

General Requirements

- High School diploma 

- Transcripts 

Language Requirements

Provide TOEFL (70), IELTS (6), Duolingo(95), PTE (50) or ITEP (3.7) exam results



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