Sociology And Criminal Justice

USA / New York

  • Level : Undergraduate
  • Institution : St. Francis College
  • Deadline for application : 04 Jan 2022
  • Registration Fee : USD200
  • Tuition Fee : USD13,594 / Per Semester
  • Duration : 3 Years
  • Language Requirements : International Certificate in English at B2 level


Pursue careers in social service, social work, law enforcement, parole, probation, and non-profit organizational service and management.
Johnathan Fleming spent more than 20 years behind bars for a murder he didn't commit. Rob Rahn '76, a St. Francis graduate, helped free him. Both came to St. Francis College to tell students about the experience.
Sociology and Criminal Justice come to life every day at the College. You'll meet the people who work in these fields; people who are making a difference in people's lives.
St. Francis College’s goal is for students to enter the workforce prepared to solve social problems such as addressing homelessness, helping crime victims find needed services, prosecuting criminals, defending clients in a court of law, fighting injustices, and creating meaningful public policy. Graduates from St. Francis College’s program are prepared to attend law school as well as pursue graduate work in sociology, criminal justice, criminology, and psychology. Graduates from St. Francis College’s program are prepared to attend law school as well as pursue graduate work in sociology, criminal justice, criminology, and psychology.
St. Francis College’s faculty members conduct research in a range of areas within the disciplines of sociology and criminology including crime and popular culture, wrongful convictions, post-prison education, crime and media, and public school education in New York City. Their works have been published in their field and they frequently appear as experts on various media.
Students can work as research assistants and gain valuable for-credit internships at social service and criminal justice agencies, including:
Victim service organizations,
Non-profit criminal justice and social service think tanks,
Senior centers,
Child care centers,
NYC Department of Buildings
Federal and state probation and parole agencies,
State and federal policing agencies,
District Attorneys and law offices.
The mission of the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice is to provide St. Francis College’s students with the knowledge, confidence, and motivation to think deeply about social issues in modern society. St. Francis College seeks to instill an intellectual curiosity in St. Francis College’s students for lifelong learning and an appreciation for objectivity, application of the scientific method, and critical thinking. St. Francis College intends for St. Francis College’s students to become tolerant and open-minded individuals who are prepared intellectually and substantively for the modern workforce as well as further graduate and professional study. St. Francis College’s students will leave the department ready to pursue constructive careers in the social services of criminal justice, social work, and sociology.


Students will develop and apply the “sociological imagination” to the study of the social world.
Students will utilize qualitative and quantitative sociological methods in the pursuit of social research.
The student will gain familiarity with social theory and the history of sociological thought.
Students will be able to apply social theory and sociological concepts to the study of social problems.
Students will be able to critique how race, ethnicity, sex, and gender relate to life chances in diverse societies.
Students will develop and master the ability to understand and apply major sociological concepts and theories to complex contemporary social phenomena.
Students will develop and master the ability to access, comprehend, and synthesize sociological scholarship in order to assess others' work and for use in their own work.

Criminal Justice

Students will understand the key components of the criminal justice system in the United States.
Students will critically analyze key criminological theories.
Students will contrast qualitative and quantitative methods as they are used in criminal justice research.
Students will explain the role of race, ethnicity, and class in criminal justice outcomes.

General Requirements

- High School diploma 

- Transcripts 

Language Requirements

Provide TOEFL (70), IELTS (6), Duolingo(95), PTE (50) or ITEP (3.7) exam results



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