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Accademia del Lusso Description

Accademia del Lusso is the school of fashion & design in Milan offering high-level training which is both innovative and creative. Since its founding in 2005, it has acted as the meeting place between the demands of the job market – always on the lookout for ever-more specific professional profiles – and the aspirations of those who wish to embark on a career with the big names in fashion, luxury, and high-end products. The school’s main location is situated on Via Montenapoleone in Milan, an essential destination for all those who want to work as true professionals in the sector.

Accademia del Lusso trains the key professional figures that operate within the sector, from fashion to marketing, brand management to fashion design and fashion communication, whilst always maintaining a constant contact with the business world.

The school’s training technique is innovative as it unites invention with design, and is based on the three fundamental and interchanging aspects: knowledge, application and life.

The Novedrate Campus Description

Accademia del Lusso provides complete advice and assistance for international students in their search for accommodation. We are affiliated with a university campus in Novedrate and also work with estate agencies in Milan, offering students a range of options to choose between.

We are affiliated with a university campus in Novedrate (Como province), in a very green area located about 35 minutes away from Milan on the train. On-campus accommodation is full-board (3 meals per day), and offers students a single room with private en-suite bathroom.

All rooms on campus are single rooms with bathroom and belong to two categories:

Standard single rooms, studio with bathroom
Single suites, two-room apartment with bathroom

Overnight stay and breakfast: € 50,00
Half board: € 65,00
Full board: € 75,00

Overnight stay and breakfast: € 65,00
Half board: € 80,00
Full board: € 90,00

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Tuition Fee

EUR16,900 Yearly
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Dream of working in fashion as an expert of style and image? Ready to flourish in an inspiring environment at the heart of Italian fashion? The Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Styling & Communication at Accademia del Lusso is a multi-disciplinary and industry-relevant course combining two of the most dynamic and fast-paced areas of fashion: styling and communication. With a vast range of professional opportunities in many different areas such as…

EUR16,900 Yearly
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Do you want to see your creations on the catwalk? Would you like to work creatively for a major fashion brand? Do you dream of starting your own fashion label? The Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design at Accademia del Lusso will help you do all this and more, by equipping you with all of the technical skills and experience you need to succeed in the competitive fashion industry. At Accademia del Lusso we believe in the unique creativity of each individual.…

EUR23,900 Yearly
See Details

This one-year Master’s in Sustainable Fashion Design is a full-time intensive course which shapes students into fashion designers who have a strong awareness of ethical and sustainable fashion. The curriculum provides students with an in-depth understanding of creative and design aspects combined with a thorough technical knowledge of production and industrialisation, whilst ensuring an ethical procedure at every stage, beginning with materials and…

EUR23,900 Yearly
See Details

Managing a brand in the fashion and luxury industry requires professionals who are able to combine creative ability and business acumen. This full-time, intensive one-year Master’s course is ideal for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, who dream of starting or managing a fashion or luxury brand or who want to work in one of the many different areas related to fashion and luxury management. The course is designed to enable students to develop a high…

EUR23,900 Yearly
See Details

Working in a managerial position within a luxury fashion brand requires professionals who are able to combine creative ability and business acumen. Experts in Fashion Communication are important channels between fashion organisations and their consumers, and their role is to convey the creativity and identity of brands through a diverse array of media including written, audio and visual. Accademia del Lusso’s one-year Master’s in Fashion Communication…

EUR23,900 Yearly
See Details

Working in a managerial position within a luxury fashion brand requires professionals who are able to combine creative ability and business acumen. This one-year Master’s in Fashion Collection Management is a full-time intensive course which shapes students into experts in the product area of fashion and luxury businesses. The curriculum combines the teaching of a range of businesses aspects with specific technical knowledge of fashion production.…

EUR16,900 Yearly
See Details

Fashion accessories and footwear are a key industry within luxury fashion businesses. To succeed as a professional in this area, it is essential to possess a high level of technical and creative ability as well as a thorough knowledge of the fashion system and a strong sense of business and innovation. The Intensive one-year course in Footwear and Accessories Design provides the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to work in the footwear and…

EUR16,900 Yearly
See Details

Our Intensive Course in Fashion Product Design provides a dynamic and stimulating programme for those interested in designing and creating clothing and fashion collections. The entire production chain of fashion products is covered, from concept to creation, and the curriculum combines theory and practice to ensure a comprehensive preparation, shaping a well-rounded figure who is easily placed into the world of work. By the end of the course, students…

PhD / Doctoral Studies
EUR4,500 Monthly
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To prepare students in the Fashion English language, introduce them to Made in Italy, and provide them with knowledge of some important elements of the fashion and luxury system. Tuition Fees € 4.500

Short Programs
EUR6,900 Weekly
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Are you interested in the luxury industry? Want to gain in-depth knowledge of Made in Italy, one of the most important fashion brands across the globe? Take our 10-week course in Made In Italy & The Luxury Goods Industry in Milan, and become an expert in the Italian luxury system. The course closely examines the strategies used by famous Italian luxury businesses, including the branding, communication, and merchandising plans these brands put…

EUR16,900 Yearly
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Brands convey the identity of their products. In the fashion and luxury goods sector, the brand expresses the style of those who buy its products or services, and there are numerous important business areas and professionals who work towards creating brand value and brand development. The 3-Year Course in Fashion Brand Management is an international programme which provides an excellent foundation for anyone who wishes to undertake a role within…

EUR16,900 Yearly
See Details

Over the past number of years, new media and technology have revolutionised how fashion is seen and communicated, and led to an increase in the demand for fashion communication and styling professionals. Both of these areas demand visionary, adaptable, and informed individuals who are experts in words and image. The varied and forward-looking international programme of the 3-Year Course in Fashion Styling & Communication at Accademia del Lusso…

EUR16,900 Yearly
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The 3-Year Course in Fashion Design is an international programme that follows the entire process of creating fashion collections, from the first sketches to the final creation. It begins by providing an overview of the evolution of fashion and design and the relationship between fashion and history, society, art, and culture. This provides a foundation upon which you will continue to build throughout your career, and which will inform your research…



Accademia del Lusso
Via Monte Napoleone, 5, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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