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What is a Visa?

The frequency of international travel is increasing. However, mobility is restricted by certain rules of countries. They vary for each country according to its foreign policy. While some countries can be simply entered with a passport or an ID card, others have strict entry regulations.

A visa is a document that gives you the right to enter countries in different ways. It is usually a document affixed to a page of your passport and is obtained from the consulate of the country you intend to travel to.

To get a visa, a valid passport is required. You usually apply for a visa in the country from which you intend to travel either directly at the consulate of the country you intend to travel to, or indirectly via authorised application centres due to the intense amount of visa applications. For example; The UK's visa application center is usually TLS- Contact; Netherlands, France and Poland work with VFS Global in almost every country, while Germany and Italy are using the services of IDATA.

Different countries require different documents to be submitted together with your visa application. Usually the application must be submitted in person, regardless of age and is followed by a personal visa interview.

Why Visa Consultancy ?

Obtaining a visa may be a complicated and time consuming process. Preparation of the requested documents is the first and most important step. These documents may be a visa request form, passport, biometric photo, documents showing your income status, students certificate etc. It is essential to prepare them accurately and completely. Small mistakes may lead to significant delays

Our experts will help you to complete your visa application and all necessary documents correctly, arrange your visa appointment, prepare you for potential questions during your visa interview as well organise flights, accommodation and insurance when necessary. You will receive all the information and guidance that you need from professional visa consultants with full knowledge of the application processes. This will significantly increase your chances to obtain a positive visa decision.

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