5 Reasons Why the US Is a Top Student Destination
#Education | 30 Jun 2021

1. Home of many best-ranked education institutions in the world

The US has the best universities in the world, most of which are always on par in the world’s university ranking. Educational institutions in the US have a high level of academic excellence, adherence to strict ethical standards, and great support in order to provide the best education for their students and to prepare them to craft their careers thanks to multiple opportunities. According to QS World Rank 2019, 33 of the top 100 universities are from the US, and Times Higher Education Ranking also ranked seven American universities in its top 10 university list.

2. Flexible and wide education possibilities

American institutions offer thousands of great, relevant, and ambitious courses and programs to choose from. Students are free to choose their course and are permitted to pick the content of the course too. In the latter case, if you plan to study in the US, you will be free to follow different courses before announcing your major at the end of the second year. This helps to analyze your interests and then to think quickly about what you should go for. Similarly, for your graduate, you can choose what you like and if you progress to your dissertation, you can think about those tips you want to focus on.

Here are some examples of popular courses available from:

-$17,939/semester for an undergraduate course in Computer Science at the University of Findlay (Ohio)
-$13,594/semester for undergraduate courses such as American Studies, Economics, Biology, Chemistry & Physics, Communication Arts at St. Francis College in New York
-$999/credit for MBA in Business Analytics at Gannon University (Pennsylvania)
-$730/credit for a graduate course of Criminalistics at Gannon University

3. Amazing support facilities for international students

American universities understand the plight of international students and therefore they run orientation programs, workshops, English-language courses, refresher courses, and charitable courses to prepare students for their studies. In fact, a global student office helps students like you to get used to their new lifestyle in the US - whether it be a questionnaire, academic or social, staff will be there to help you navigate the time. Help is also provided to international students to extend their stay in the US after they graduate so that they can have the opportunity to kick-start their careers and work for some of the world’s biggest companies.

4. Modern and optimized classroom experiences

Thanks to the continuous improvement of technologies, American universities always try to purpose innovative and optimized ways of learning to their students. Classrooms offer modern resources such as web-based and computer-based resources and high-tech labs to train the students. American institutions make sure the education up-to-date and will prepare the students for future innovations and changes in society. So if you plan to study in the US, you will find yourself immediately introduced to those new methods of studying, learning, researching, and taking tests, which will help you to develop your adaptability skills.

5.Multicultural and positive environment

The US has very diverse cultures, races, and ethnicities. This context ensures that there is universal acceptance and no place for any form of discrimination. As an international student, you will be finding yourself studying with students from different parts of the world, and thereby, this will allow you to craft unique relationships and promotes your learning experience and your capacity to adapt to new situations. Growing up within diversity will give you a strong personality trait and expertise that will be invaluable in the global market. Nowadays, employers choose people who know how to work in multicultural environments. Studying in the US will definitely give you this plus point! Moreover, you will explore a wide variety of foods, cultures, celebrations, and crafts as well and this will considerably improve your general knowledge.