6 Reasons Why Poland Is a Fast-growing Popular Destination Among International Students
#Education | 30 Jun 2021

1. Quality of education

When it comes to studying, Poland has a high quality of education. As a member of the European Union, this country offers sophisticated infrastructure and highly trained teachers - researchers and professionals - from different parts of Europe. And the Erasmus+ student exchange offers the students the opportunity to study abroad and have international exposure. In Poland, students have to do an internship during the semester which gives them experience and prepares them for their future job. All these aspects make Poland a country that has a highly developed education system.

2. A welcoming society

Poland has students from all around the world, and that makes everyone feels at home. International students also stated that they found solace far from home. They also pointed out the good candor and etiquette of locals. These points make them feel well-integrated in society and confident to pursue their educational goals - and career goals - in Poland.

3. Student-friendly infrastructure

As per Poland’s international students, Poland avails scintillating student-friendly infrastructure as cities have low-cost cycles to rent, car-sharing systems, and well-connected tram systems which make student’s life hunky-dory. Cities of Poland have a bunch of international restaurants which segregate the taste of different parts of the world in one place and the polish city of Lublin falls in the top 10 student-friendly cities in Europe according to the American College Magazine.

4. Genuine care for foreign students

Polish universities offer great care to their international students to make sure they feel at home. They have some monitoring programs and local students support international students as polish people are always eager to help foreigners so that they find felicity and feel integrated with the society.

5. The affordable cost of living and studying

As a student, the cost of life in Poland is affordable as compared to other European countries. This is a reason why the country attracts so many international students. Total living costs for international students lays between 350 to 550 EUR/month, depending on the city they live in. Dormitories can be found from 80 EUR/month while rented room price starts from 150 EUR/month.

The tuition fee in Poland would range from:

-1,250 EUR/semester in Wroclaw University of Economics for undergraduate courses of Business Informatics; International Business and Finance.
-1,250 EUR/semester for graduate courses of Computer Science at Lodz University.
-6,950 EUR/semester for a Long-cycle course of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw.
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6. The natural beauty of Poland

Stunning natural areas can be found in Poland. There are breathtaking getaways, perfect for nature lovers and all those who want to explore the natural beauty of Poland. Nature in Poland is flourishing, diversified, and surprisingly beautiful. Poland has 23 National Parks - among them is Białowieża National Park, which is home to the last primary forest of Europe. Tatra mountains and Morskie Oko lake are also some examples of the most appealing, relaxing, and resourcing natural places of Poland.

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