9 Good Reasons Why You Should Definitely Come to Study in France
#Education | 30 Jun 2021

1. Quality of education

France is one of the most developed countries in Europe and a famous destination for international students. The reason which allures students from around the world is the high quality of education in France. For example, France offers an opportunity to study management in its top-ranked business schools, and of course, students can look for public universities too which offer high-quality education at affordable cost.

Some of the universities which you can look at are:
-EM Normandie Business School in Caen, which offers an undergraduate program in Business and Logistics for 4,000 EUR/semester;
-ESSCA School of Management in Angers, which offers a graduate program in corporate financial management for 5,955 EUR/semester.

2. French language

The second reason why you should choose France for your studies is the French language which is the 5th most spoken language in the world with 300 million speakers. So if you study in France, you will have the opportunity to learn one more language - even for free if you join a study program in public universities - and foster your resume. So if in the future you plan to make your career in Europe, it will ease your chances to get into European companies.

3. A wide choice of English programs

French is the official language in France but the country has more than 1,600 English courses to offer to international students. And if you are from a non-English speaking country, that would be an outstanding opportunity to improve your English language skills. English-taught degree programs also give you the opportunity to study in a multicultural environment and meet international students coming from various horizons.

4. A higher education system that adapts to all the student’s needs

The French higher education system offers a variety of institutions and courses that fits all students. Several ways of training are proposed to the students such as initial training (conventional way of training) or structured work-based learning programs like “alternance” which consists of alternating between formal lessons dispensed within a university and professional experience a the recruiting enterprise.

5. Student support

Another reason to study in France is the support that students get from the government as the government of France avails a bunch of scholarships to its international students. However, if you are not eligible for a scholarship, then there are financial aids that are provided for your accommodation. And if you want to work while studying, then France is the best option for you as universities in France also guide you to have an internship during your studies so that you gain some practical knowledge.

6. Good infrastructure

Another reason to study in France is the highly developed infrastructure. It has one of the best transportation systems in Europe and it includes high-speed trains which could cut off your travel time to half. Also, the tram system is a great way to discover the lavishing cities of France, and as a student in France, you can use the bicycle rental system and stroll around in the city. You will also benefit from advantageous discounts on transport tickets.

7. Cultural heritage of France

Culture and history are another reason to study in France as this ravishing country has a rich history and culture; If you study in France, you won’t only have world-class education but also knowledge about the culture and history of France. When it comes to history, France has a lot to offer from famous personalities like Napoleon Bonaparte to the World Wars, so if you study in France you will learn a lot and will have a chance to drive into its remarkable history. On the other hand, to discover the richness of France you have tons of ways to walk on: France has more than 40,000 monuments and protected sites; 41 cultural sites classified as World Heritage by Unesco; 8,000 museums; 2,000 cinemas, and nearly 500 festivals.

8. The gateway to Europe

It is said that France is the crossroads of Europe. If you adore traveling and think to wander around in the typical streets of Europe, then France is definitely made for you. If you get into France for your studies, you will not only discover the beauty of France but you will also be able to reach some other scintillating countries like the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, and Spain - the 6 neighbors of France. These countries are just a small flight away to give your weekend a good start!

9. A world-class economic power

France is the third economy of Europe and the second-largest market with 65 million consumers. The country has many opportunities in research and development and Paris is a hotspot for innovation and tech startups. France is also home to many advanced industries and leaders such as international groups like Total (energy); Airbus (aeronautics); Sanofi (health); LVMH (luxury goods); L’Oréal (cosmetics) and Danone (food products).

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