USA / New York

  • Level : Undergraduate
  • Institution : St. Francis College
  • Deadline for application : 04 Jan 2022
  • Registration Fee : USD200
  • Tuition Fee : USD13,594 / Per Semester
  • Duration : 3 years
  • Language Requirements : International Certificate in English at B2 level


A Bridge to Careers in Science, Medicine and Health Care

With two floors of brand new state-of-the-art labs and top-flight professors, your Biology education prepares you to move ahead in a variety of fields, from Science to Medicine to Health Care.

St. Francis College’s Biology program prepares you for medical and graduates school as well as professions in a number of fields. St. Francis graduates currently work as physicians and physician assistants; veterinarians; dentists; podiatrists; scientists; teachers; x-ray technicians; sonographers and nurses.

Biology is the study of living organisms at the molecular, microscopic, and systemic levels and deals with the interrelation of life forms and their environments. Students will learn classical biology and concepts in molecular and cellular biology and biotechnology that are current and cutting-edge areas of study in biology and medicine. Students will be prepared for graduate study, professional training in the medical sciences and allied health fields, teaching, or employment in the industry concerned with the biological sciences.

Besides the traditional classroom experience, biology majors are encouraged to consider the diverse opportunities available through field placements, internships, or semesters at other academic institutions, both domestic and abroad. Taking full advantage of these opportunities requires careful planning, and students are urged to discuss their plans and interests with their academic advisors early. It is also St. Francis College’s goal to acquaint non-science students with the issues presented by both human biology and the physical environment.

The Biology and Health Promotion department offers majors in Biology, Biomedical Science (podiatric ONLY), Medical Technology, and Radiologic Sciences; Radiologic Sciences and Medical Technology are offered in association with NY Methodist Hospital and St. Johns’ Catholic Medical Centers of New York (St. Francis College awards the B.S. degree). The Radiologic Sciences program at NY Methodist Hospital has three areas of concentration: radiography, radiation therapy and diagnostic medical sonography. All programs are supervised by the SFC Biology and Health Promotion Department.

-        Students will learn the scientific method.

-        Students will learn important concepts in population biology, ecology and evolution, molecular and cellular biology and organismal biology.

-        Students will read and interpret a wide variety of biological literature.

-        Students will write research papers and make oral presentations about biology.

-        Students will use the scientific resources of New York City to help them in their learning.

-        Students will be prepared to pursue graduate degrees in the sciences.


-        Students will understand and apply the proper usage of biology vocabulary in novel situations.

-        Students will perform biological lab experiments that demonstrate the scientific method.

-        Students will be able to write a cogent lab report that uses the scientific method.

-        Students will make oral presentations that demonstrate the scientific method.

-        Students will be able to demonstrate connections among population biology, ecology, and evolution, molecular and cellular biology and organismal biology, and among biology, chemistry and physics.

-        Students will be able to collect and analyze data using statistics.

-        Students will make qualitative and quantitative assessments of their own data as well as that in scientific literature.

-        Students will be able to discuss and explain biological phenomena learned through field trips.

-        Students will be able to create and explain illustrations of biological phenomena.

General Requirements

- High School diploma 

- Transcripts 

Language Requirements

Provide TOEFL (70), IELTS (6), Duolingo(95), PTE (50) or ITEP (3.7) exam results



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